10 Tips for Adventure Cycling

Why not take a break from the monotony of your job for a week this year and pedal alongside the Himalayas. Adventure cycling surely requires commitment and investment to be done safely, let's find out 10 tips for embarking the journey of adventure cycling:  

#1: Be prepared 

For a perfect cycling experience you must ensure that you carry certain standard equipment’s alongside such as camping tents, sleeping bag, camp stoves, water bottles, and lots of environment friendly toilet paper.  

#2: Breakdowns 

The entire experience is incomplete without minor breakdowns, so make sure your tool kit is well- equipped with spare tube, small air pumps and spare brake blocks, and also make sure to check small videos on the internet for various instructions for fixing your cycle.  

#3: Biking gear 

Make sure your well equipped with a the perfect cycling apparel that cover your arms and legs, also a set of cycling gloves along with a helmet would be an ideal investment.  

 #4: Use of Technology 

Though it is good to de-tour once in a while, however it is important to have a device with a good GPS navigation system, so that you can take a well-deserved break from that smartphone of yours.  

#5: Keep yourself hydrated 

It is indeed very important to drink lots of water and keep yourself hydrated by taking breaks at regular intervals. 

#6: Don't try too much 

It's good to be enthusiastic but don't over pack the equipment and cycle at your sweet pace to enjoy the scenery.  

#7: Lock your bike 

Be proactive of your safety with respect to the beasts of the wild and make sure you lock your bike properly while taking a nap.  

#8: Love thy nature 

Do not forget appreciate the natural habitats, expose yourself to different cultures, to enjoy the countryside the warm sunlight and the cool breeze on your face to rejuvenate your senses.   

#9: Communicate 

Make sure you speak to the local people and learn about the art, heritage of the beautiful landscapes you pass by. Do not forget to capture these beautiful moments in penning it down in your travel diary.  

#10: Be self- reliant 

Right from carrying a first aid kit,to batteries for your electronic devices make sure you make a list of must haves before you start your journey. 
Now that you're well prepared for your cycling adventure. Go hit the road with #GypsyShack!! 


Author: 'Smriti Abbi'


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