10 Ways to Make Your Travel a Memorable One

Are you ready for your next get away? Then take time to read the suggestions by GypsyShack listed below to make sure you are headed towards an enjoyable and memorable vacation. 

#1  Be active and do not be afraid to try a new activity

Yes, a vacation is the perfect time to be adventurous and free.  Hop on those 4x4s, dive into the ocean, face the splash of the river and witness the wildlife from a distance. 

Image Credit: Amit Basu


#2 Travelling with family, set a date with your spouse

How about a day just for the two of you? A romantic dinner by the beach? A walk on the park? You do not have to be on a separate hotel with your children to do this. Sometimes a half day or a meal with your spouse is already enough.  Do not feel guilty when you have to send your kids early to their bed. Remember that a happy wife is a happy life.

Image Credit: Flickr

#3 Plan your trip with your children and loved ones                                               

You must have been various trips alone – how about taking your kids or parents along this time? Kids are great companions when they are enjoying the activities set for them.  Include them in your planning and bring them to the places they want to see.

Image Credit: Sally Anscombe


#4 Book activities ahead of time

It is still best to plan ahead.  This is especially true for famous sites and tourist destinations.  Check the availability of guides, accommodations and logistics.  You do not want a messy holiday just because you did not book well in advance.

Image Credit: Heikki Nylund


#5 Pack medicines, bandages and your first aid kit for emergencies 

Nothing beats being ready for an uncontrollable situation.  Remember, safety always comes first and a trip can be made memorable only if you are adequate prepared for emergencies.

Image Credit: Care Plus Tropicare


#6 Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature 

If you are lucky enough to be staying in a camp in the lap of nature or hills alongside a beautiful river a, then be opeto exploration. Just seat yourself or lie by the water bank and discover the beauty of your surroundings.  You may also order cold drinks, get a massage or just purely enjoy the sun and the sound of the waves with your loved ones.

Image Credit: Flickr


#7 Take candid pictures

The best pictures to see are the ones that would remind you of stories.  Capture expressions, activities and split second moments.  Remember that the photos you took will be the constant reminder of your adventure. 

Image Credit: Perakman

#8 Be gadget/internet free 

Due to the availability of Internet, it is very easy to do something online. Make an effort to stop yourself from accessing your apps and music. Instead, observe people, listen to the noise the environment gives and have real conversations with the people you are with. And yes, you can let camera be the only gadget around.

Image Credit: Flickr

#9 Seize every moment

There would be times that even your camera won’t be able to capture the moment you are in.  So just stay there and embrace everything you see for it may not happen again.

Image Credit: Satori-sun


#10 Write a journal at the end of the day

Ooooops, do not imagine this to be a summary of how your day went.  It could just be a sentence of how you felt, a new foreign expression you learned, a phrase that caught your attention, or even a word that would best describe your day.

Image Credit: Sherrisundlie


Article by: Mico Damling

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