10 Creative Ways to Capture Special Moments from your Vacation

Going travelling (on vacation) is always going to give you special memories to look back on. Here are ten creative ways to capture and preserve not just those moments, but the emotions at that time.

#1 A Live Vacation Journal

Let’s face it; the internet is everywhere these days. Where ever you go, chances are you’re not going to be far from the web. And that gives you an opportunity to share your travel experiences as they happen. Whether it’s via twitter or facebook, you can upload a video, share a picture or describe an experience minutes after it’s happened.


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#2 Go Viral

A while ago, a Russian photographer by the name of Murad Osmann created a bit of stir on the internet. Instead of the traditional tourist photos, Osmann used his Instagram account to upload pictures of his girlfriend leading him by the hand through various stunning locations around the world. Now, we’re not asking you to create the next internet sensation. But just something as simple as a photo of yourself doing a pose or action in various places you visit could be a memorable experience in itself. And it might just be a little bit of fun.



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#3 A Video From Your Point Of View

Don’t take a photo. No, seriously not even a single one. Stick to videos instead. Imagine a video of your first tiger encounter on a wildlife safari. Or you taking a video when you jump off a cliff the next time you go river rafting. Whatever it is you’re doing make sure the camera is rolling while it’s happening. And then when you get home, combine the best bits into one long video. It’s different, it’s easier to upload (one video as opposed to a 100 photos) and the best part? It’s your holiday experience from your point of view.

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#4 Go Old School

Make an actual Travel Journal. Not a digital one, an actual leather bound hard covered book. Or even just a scrapbook. Holding a photograph in your hands, or leafing through an old album just has another feel to it, doesn’t it? Digital photos and videos maybe more convenient and easy to handle, but holding the real thing really takes us back to the time it happened. And don’t stick to just photos; put in collectibles you find, write notes, whatever pleases you. It’s your journal.


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#5 Dear Diary

Well okay you don’t need to start an entry that way! But even if you’re not a particularly good writer go ahead and give it shot. You could keep a written journal, a blog or write an email a day back home. A list of points, a short paragraph, or even a story; the point is to get your memories written down.

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#6 No pictures, no videos, just your voice

Some of us are better speakers than we are writers. The best story tellers among us are usually the ones who can keep an audience riveted around a camp fire. Record your experiences as you would if you were telling your best friend or family member about your trip. And you don’t need to buy a recorder for this (although personally, a Dictaphone is on my wishlist!); most phones are armed with a basic voice recorder.


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#7 Send a Post Card Home

Of course this works best if you’re doing a long journey, travelling from place to place. Sending a post card home is not only any easy way to document where you’ve been and when you got there, you could also use it to document your own experiences. Yes, yes post cards don’t have too much space on them, but even a couple of lines are more than enough.

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#8 Souvenirs

It is often said; when you travel collect memories, not things. But sometimes they’re the same thing. They could be objects found in the area or local handicrafts; collecting souvenirs that are unique to a place are great ways of preserving travel memories.

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#9 Memory Jar

Memory Jars are an excellent way to preserve and showcase your travel experiences. All you need is an old mason jar (or any glass jar large enough) and anything that you feel is relevant to your travel tour. This could be photos, souvenirs and collectables. You could even fill sand from wherever you’ve visited or even the water (you’ll need to make sure your other items are water proof of course!). And the best thing about memory jars? Unlike photo albums, your work of art can be permanently kept on display on your mantel piece or study table.

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#10 A Personalized Map

The next time you set out to travel somewhere, take a map of the area you’re visiting. While maps were made for a more practical use, you can personalize them after your travels. Use pins, attach photos, doodles and notes for the places you’ve been to and the things you’ve experienced. You could even use a string to trace a chronological sequence of events.

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Author: Joshua Moraes



Image Source: Flickr

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Tanuj Shah
Tanuj Shah

March 30, 2016

I capture my travel moments in an app called Roadlike. It is very helpful: roadlike.com. You can find this app for free on the app stores.

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