10 Reasons to Travel with Your Children This Summer

It is that season when the sun’s heat will at times be on a mission to drain your energetic soul and at times just there for you to revel in it and smile. On the other side, your kids would soon be relieved of their books to take a break and return to school for some more. So, have you planned something or not? You do have a short getaway in mind, don’t you? No? Yes? Well, whatever it is, don’t leave your kids out of it. Gypsy Shack brings you 10 reasons to travel with your children this summer.

#1 Beats the Humdrum Hues

On one hand, there is that job that keeps you on your toes – earns you your share of bread and butter and sugary delights. On the other hand there’s the everyday schedule you find yourself drawn into. Here’s an applaudable reason: leave with your children to the calming corners of Rudraprayag or the Himachal Pradesh or head south to Tamil Nadu. We all need a break from our humdrum lives and what better excuse and time than the season of warmth and heat and sweat and vacations – Summer!

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#2 Gives Them Something to Brag About

So what did you do during the summer? Well, nothing much. Mom and Dad wanted us all to have some family time together. So we took the first ferry to Andaman. Tried my hand at scuba diving and kayaking at Havelock Island. Radha Nagar is by the way the most beautiful beach your eyes would ever witness – clean and white. Oh! And nothing compares the view underwater – the vibrant corals and shoals of fishes. It… It was fun. Fun? That is so cool!! Yeah. *smiles*

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#3 Exploring is much more fun

A child’s mind is curious and untarnished. It takes in its surroundings one pixel at a time, understands and responds – and all this is possible without much required effort. Exploring with your kids is better than going solo. Kids slow you down; they make you take in more than you could. They have you concerned and turn you into a better planner. In all this, you notice the things that you may have missed otherwise – like the blue spotted butterfly that was perched on a moist lily or the sky that seems so cluttered with stars unlike the one above home.

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#4 Don’t Have to Worry What Your Kids Would Be Doing At Home

If you’re a parent, you have to go frantic whenever you leave your kids alone at home or at their Grandma’s. You wonder if they’ve had another squabble or if they’re spending time troubling Grandma (albeit, with love). How can you attain nirvana in the yoga centres and temples of Rishikesh or spill your heart out with rafting in the white waters of Kali River without your mind gazing back to your kids? You don’t have to feel so guilty, just let them tag along and all the world’s happiness would fall into place.

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#5 Great Memories Come in Small Packages

Traveling with toddlers might be considered as frustrating but this is the time to shower your undivided attention over your precious little one. Traveling would develop their brains, their learnings as they notice new people, behaviors and surroundings. You might see your kid invent a new word after all the new tones and languages she’s heard and go Awwww. You may look at him and wonder how such a small being can enforce such an aura of divinity even especially in those tiresome times of travel (P.S, These toddler years are the cheapest times to travel)

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#6 All for One and One for All (Your Way of Hitting the Refresh Button)

Together, we stand! Together, we can! Travel is a stress buster and guides your mind to peacefully co-existence with your body. A family trip to those verdant backwaters of Kerala, a stay in the house boat there (a home away from home) or a tour of the Periyar National Park would rejuvenate your senses, have you amazed at life per se and help give your family that fresh start to a new day that awaits.

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#7 They Are Infectious and All Over the Place

Kids are infectious; they are all over the place. They are the best icebreakers one can ask for when in a new land. They help you break any kind of social barrier that you may most likely face during your travels. They light up the atmosphere with their attention seeking acts, their noisy quarrels, their lovable laughs. They are the reasons for your joy, the reasons for your frown; they are but yours and always worth having around.

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#8 You Get an Excuse to Do the Kid Stuff

It’s okay to let that inner child out sometimes. And no one can get out that hidden devil in you as easily as kids can. Let your kids be an excuse to feel young again, to go cycling in the woods or around the river or be gobsmacked by the birds and their sound of music or just indulge with your kids in building that really terrible sandcastle that looked majestic in your thoughts. Kids are your license to partake in the fun and silly stuffs that come along the way.

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#9 Invigorates their Love for New Places

Children have an open mind and this mind flourishes in open spaces. Encourage their inner traveller. Advise them to keep a journal. Embrace with them the new places and the new people and culture that they foster. Explore with them new sunrises and sunsets. Be it the scenic Emerald Lake or the paradise land Kashmir Valley, teach them to be a part of nature to love it for what it is, to love the earth, and maybe you’d sow the seeds of an environment savior somewhere in the soft corners of their heart.

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#10 Some Day This Would Put a Smile upon Their Faces

You never know how much the human mind might is capable of remembering. Some day these moments that you now have will become hibernating memories that may wake up on one helluva day and splash your kids face like the water from that certain Goa beach you were once taking a dip in and they’ll smile. And no matter where you are, you’d once again be connected by that one random and forgotten splash of memory.

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Article By: Jerome Gonsalves


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