10 Life-Altering Secrets You Can Teach Your Kids through Activity Travel

Teaching kids at an early age about the road ahead is something that parents and educational institutions strive for. Be it through academic books or warnings issued, a child’s thought is molded and challenged. It is said that the effect on the brain through experiences is much more than that through knowledge. It is one of the main reasons why employers do not necessarily go for the one with the degree but for the one with the degree and experience to outshine that degree. Considered to be one of the most innovative techniques to enhance a child’s mind, outdoor learning enhances a child’s mind allowing him to grow as he learns. Activity Travel is one such path that you must tread with your kids to develop their personality, their social life and allow them to get a perspective of things.

Gypsy Shack presents 10 life-changing secrets you can teach kids (and maybe learn yourself) with Activity Travel.

#1 Face the Facts 

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Your beloved child can learn to face the facts! It is seen that one cannot push the start button in the middle of a task, return and start anew. It is often difficult to take bold chances. Yes it is important to push yourself, but sometimes it is just in the wrong direction with a weak wind to sail you through. What must be kept in mind is that there are innumerous ways to do the same things. Activity travel helps you find those ways as it engages the mind’s thought processes and boosts its abilities.


#2 Confidence is the key

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As adults we often find ourselves low on confidence. Kids are energetic and playful. From swimming to fishing to snorkeling (if they pass the minimum age requirement) you can see the willingness to do, the confidence they can exude. Restoring and fostering their confidence at that age would be a good measure to prep them up for unleashing it whence in the real world.


#3 Live in the moment!

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There can be innumerable activities during travel. You can try them all out, but it is not necessary that you get yourself stuck onto the experience of one. So if you’ve gone kayaking or played a volleyball match at the beach with random strangers – when it’s done you’ll always find yourself with other things to do. That’s the beauty of planning an activity travel tour. It helps to let go of the success or failure of the recent activity and live in the moment.


#4 Taking risks 'coz you’ll never know unless you try

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Activity Travel can challenge your kids to try something they’ve never done before. It helps them to take risks and make at attempt to overcome fears. You’ll never know unless you try! You might be afraid of heights, might not have tried rappelling down (not even in an artificial setting), but it is important that you do them. It is important that you take risks, rather than be dormant and never know what it could be like on the otherside after you make an attempt.


#5 Happiness is the key

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Happiness is truly the key (and confidence too). It is not the end results that matter. It is the process, the journey. There are moments in journeys that become happy memories, that make you smile and be happy for a while. Things such as having an espresso coffee in the cool weather of Manali, the after thoughts of a rafting experience (the breeze not helping your drenched state) can teach one to enjoy the little things in life.

#6 Don’t Procrastinate


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Tired much? Rest but don’t procrastinate. If something’s to be done, there’s no better time than now. Adventure trips help one to boost up those adrenaline levels. From cycling in the woods, or taking hiking trip to see the sunset, these activities can help tone down the laziness levels.


#7 Calculated risks


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Adventure and activity camps can bless your kid with an understanding of his potentials, by pushing himself against the current, knowing his limits and this in turn would help measure the amount of risk one can take.


#8 Together we go far beyond


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Team work, team play is important. A child learns to co-operate and co-exist, command and lead, strategize and execute with every little step through team building games and tasks that require unison. Schools should inculcate such activity trips in their curriculum for a kid’s professional and personality development.

#9 Questions are important to find the answers


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Learn to question your surroundings. Ask why? Because no one is going to hand over life’s lessons without you taking the pain to at least ask for it. A curios mind is an explorer and travel teaches us to explore, witness, ask, learn and thereby be enlightened.


#10 What a wonderful world!

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Once you’ve travelled the lands and seas, seen the wild animals for real, been mesmerized by the green of trees, cherished the white waters, built sandcastles on beaches, bonded over a bonfire, pleasure will be inevitable. And it is this pleasure that should remind the kids later in life, there can always be new moments to make some memories. ‘Cause no matter how much pain and suffering there might be, these are the things that will always be there to remind us everything is not lost. And like the Louis Armstrong song, you’d wonder and think to yourself - What a wonderful world!
Feel free to share your thoughts on this article. And if you’ve experienced any of this yourself, please do tell us. We’re all ears!


Article by: Jerome Gonsalves

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