9 Ways To Experience Manali!

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes," said Marcel Proust. At Gypsy Shack we keep making newer discoveries and this little hamlet of hills called Manali never dissappoints!

Manali, christened as the Valley of Gods, is a little piece of heaven crafted by the elements of nature. So what’s the most precious Manali travel tip? Well, experience it piece by piece. And here’s how to do it -


 #1 Cycle Up to Panchan and Kothi

The Road that goes up to Panchan (Photo Credit: Nancy Pincha)

There is no greater joy than cycling up to this tiny quiet village called Panchan about 10 km South of Manali. Start early in the morning and see how the rays of the sun enhance the beauty of the valley making it look almost unreal. There are meadows, apple orchards, flowers and Deodars. Go further up to village Kothi and have a sip of a nice Coffee at Café Kothi. Just above the café is an old rest house. Stay a night here and see how the mountains look hauntingly beautiful at night amid stars and moon.

Travel Tip: Hire bicycles or motorbikes from Mall Road Manali. Make sure you plan this on a full moon night.

Best Time: April to November


#2 Take a Hike

A Village View from Around Manali (Photo Credit: Nancy Pincha)

The locals at villages around Manali are so welcoming that you would not mind hiking on foot to just meet them. No Manali trip is complete without a short hike or serious trek. You will discover little joys like a wooden hand-woven khaat outside a small hut or kids swinging on a tree, or the cobbled streets everywhere. While I trekked up to Prini village, there are trekking options to suit every kind of traveller. If you are the one who cannot resist the flowing water, go for a  short hikes to Jogini Waterfalls or just take a few hours away from the bustle to Lamadugh Meadows, Solang Valley, Koshla-Tree. For serious hikers, Manali is the start point of some of the best treks in the country. Treks like Chandrakhani Pass Trek, Hampta Pass Trek, Brighu Lake or Lama Dugh Trek – begin from Manali.

Travel Tip: Book a homestay or a rest-house near the Youth Hostel Association of India in Prini Village.Stay overnight, choose your trek and get cracking in the morning.

Best Time: All Year Round


#3 Sip in Old Manali


A Café in Old Manali (Photo Courtesy: Flickr)

Old Manali has some exquisite cafes. And here’s what we mean. Most of them are located riverside so you get to hear the mesmerizing music of the flowing streams while sipping coffee or chai. Imagine sitting under shaded trees outside at Café 1947 or enjoying a great Vietnamese meal on a sheer cliff by the Manalsu river at Lazy Dog. There are some concept cafes too in Manali like the Red House Café, the Bob Dylan Café (also called Toasted and Roasted), Moondance café. The cosmopolitan feel of Manali cafes may just surprise you.

Travel Tip: Try Tibetan food and tea at Johnson’s Bar and Café.

Best time: All Year Round


#4 Be a Mowgli in the Jungles

Pine Tree Forests in Manali (Photo Courtesy: Flickr)

Manali abounds in forests with oak and pine trees, wild purple and yellow flowers, grasslands and meadows. Experience the jungle life by just taking a bunch of friends to a walk inside the foliage of trees. You may skip a beat as a snow rabbit passes by. Or some mountain insects and garden lizards may become your companion as you tread the kacha roads along any of the villages near Manali. This is a sensory experience you will take with you back home. Believe in the words of David Mitchell when he says – Travel far enough, you meet yourself.

Travel Tip: On your way up to Snow Point/Rohtang Pass, stop by at the Apple orchards and visit some meadows.

Best Time: April to October

#5 Paragliding at Solang Valley

Paragliding at Solang Valley (Photo Courtesy: Chaitali Bhatia)

While in winter, skiing can be done even in Solang Valley, in summers it is mainly recommended for paragliding. Solang Nallah is best for short flights while Hallan is good for high flying. Go for high flying to get the thrilling and breathtaking views of the mountains and the valley. It is only through that height that you will really see the beauty spread in several colours in Manali all at once.

Travel Tip: Take a high-flying package and ask your friends to get a good camera lens of 75-300mm at the ready as you paraglide.

Best Time: All Year Round


#6 Spend a night Camping at Manali

Camping at Bhakarthatch, Manali (Photo Courtesy: Flickr)

A tent pitched in the middle of a valley surrounding trees, shining in the lantern light in sensual darkness, is the most stunning sight. Imagine being inside that tent, sipping a hot black tea, marveling at the glittering stars and looking down towards a shining water stream at night. This is a die-for experience no Manali traveller must miss. Camping can be done at Bhakarthatch, Beas Kund, Shoja, Raison, Jibhi and Solang Valley.

Travel Tip: Sign up with a camping tour that pitches its tents in villages like Prini or Panchan or book a luxury camp to complete the experience.

Best Time: April to November


#7 White Water Rafting at Bhuntar 


Priceless Moments of Rafting at Bhuntar (Photo Courtesy: Flickr)

The thirst of Manali explorers usually takes them to do rafting around an extremely spectacular place called Bhuntar. Situated just 14 km away from Manali, Bhuntar has streams that can give you one of the best rafting experiences of your life. The rapids here are seriously adventurous, the water freezing cold. Yet the rafting professionals would keep you completely safe while also taking you to grade III and IV rapids, thus, completing your Manali visit.

Travel Tip: Don’t get lured by the less expensive rafting options a few kms before Manali. Most of these are not registered and not very safe. In Manali, go only to Bhuntar for rafting.

  #8 Safari Drive to Rohtang Pass

On the Way to Rohtang Pass (Photo Credit: Chaitali Bhatia)

Rohtang Pass that connects Manali with Leh is quite literally a highway. As you drive up to the altitude, you come across a paradoxical phenomena of nature. While the chill in the air can shake you off your seat, the valley wearing a lush green blanket is like a tonic to the soul. This fun doubles if you take a jeep and let your body soak in the scenic handiwork of nature. And anything can happen here. If you think the traffic is taking time, get out of your jeep and hire a mule to go up. Imagine eating a hot Masala omelet amid the chilly white blanket after a real badass skiing at Rohtang!

Travel Tip: Ask your Safari driver to stop half a km before Rohtang so you could walk up there and have a chat with some soldiers posted at the base. You may come back with some of the best on-the-border stories and a friendship extraordinaire.

Best Time: May to November


#9 Museum near Hadimba Temple

Museum of Himachal Culture And Folk Arts (Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia)

While Hadimba Temple is a tourist must-do, few people check out the local museum. The museum has little trinkets and ancient artifacts used by ancestors of the Manali population. It is a historical dose of the culture and offers some authentic information about the Manali gone by.

Travel Tip: Shop for souvenirs at the local market near the museum. You will get better prices than the Manali market.

Best Time: All Year Round

While returning home from Manali on a road trip, you will realize the modesty of your life. You realize what a tiny place you possess on this planet. And yet, you would be ready to fall head over heels in love with this tiny piece all over again.

By Mukti Masih


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December 14, 2016

Manali is really beautiful for travelling. Paragliding is an adventure sport which attracts a lot of adventure lovers.

mayank kumar
mayank kumar

July 12, 2016

A few days ago, my I went to Manali along with my wife to get the glimpses of nature. Manali is an awesome place for the snow lovers. The best time to plan a trip to Manali is February in that month you can enjoy the live snowfall. There are many other nearby places like Kullu, kasol, mani karan, kheer ganga, rotang pass …..

mayank kumar
mayank kumar

July 12, 2016

A few days ago, my I went to Manali along with my wife to get the glimpses of nature. Manali is an awesome place for the snow lovers. The best time to plan a trip to Manali is February in that month you can enjoy the live snowfall. There are many other nearby places like Kullu, kasol, mani karan, kheer ganga, rotang pass …..
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