10 Survival Apps for Every Traveler!

The recent bug that has gotten to a majority of the people all over the world today is "wanderlust". Travelling the world today seems to be on everyone’s bucket list. But however romantic and adventurous the idea of packing your bags and leaving the next day on a spontaneous journey may sound - there's a possibility you might get struck down when it comes to the practicality and execution of the dream...

Here at Gypsy Shack we don’t stand in the way of dreams and so to help it come true (besides booking a package with us) here are 10 travel apps that'd help you prepare for and enjoy your travel dreams.

#1 Tripit

Image Source: NewNotebook Specifications

A virtual God send, Tripit answers the prayers of weary travelers whose strong suite doesn’t include organized record keeping skills.

If your mailbox is anything like the one with at least seven hundred unopened emails and no filtering system present whatsoever, finding that one car rental confirmation email can become a nightmare.

Tripit allows you a neat solution. Email all confirmation emails connected to your travel like airline ticket booking information, hotel booking verification emails, car rental booking emails, etc to plans@tripit.com and watch the app work its magic.

Tripit will sync with your calendar and build for you a master itinerary, with all your details in one place that is easily accessible from any device at any time. It will additionally provide the local weather forecast, maps and guidelines for you to move from one destination on your itinerary to the other. Whether you are on a short trip through Himachal Pradesh or an impromptu excursion to Manali, the Tripit app is the answer to your prayers, providing structure organization that makes an otherwise mind numbing task enjoyable.

Compatible with: iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows7 or later
Cost: Free

#2 Wifi finder

Image Source: AndroidTapp

In today’s day and age, it is almost impossible to survive ‘off the grid’ even, while on vacation.

In an attempt to help you avoid that near fatal heart attack, you may receive on viewing the roaming bill of your internet package, we present to you the WiFi Finder app.

This App hands you a map of both free as well as paid WiFi spots around you and all over the globe. Once you choose a particular spot it will provide the hotspot details, allow you to call the location and also show directions to the place. You can further filter your search by venue provider and choosing the free or paid option. The App allows you to share other hotspots not already present on the map or report present hotspots as close. As an added advantage, the app can function in an offline capacity as well, once you have the database saved.

In today’s crazy technology driven world you need to be connected almost all the time. The app Free Wifi Finder helps, convert that simple yet true ideology into a cost effective reality.

Compatible with: iOS and Android

Cost: Free

#3 Gate Guru

Image Source: Windows Phone Central

Airports can at times appear as a labyrinth that travelers must pass through, from thorough security checks to tiresome visa lines all alongside a mix of excited, nervous and eccentric co-travelers. Add to that the extended and sometimes fatiguing layovers on the way to your final destinations and airports rarely are a traveler’s favourite place to be.

The next app in our list helps make the whole ordeal a little easier to deal with.

Got to catch a flight from Chhatrapati Shivaji International airport at 7:00am? No problem. Enter your schedule into the Gate Guru app, it pretty much does the rest. It allows you to track your flight with real time flight status updates and push notifications. It provides all relevant information from which check in airport terminal you have to go to, to the terminal and gate for arrival and departure information. The app also estimates TSA security wait times at your check points.

Gate Guru provides its users with insider tips about the airport from listing and rating the best place to eat, to the shops and services offered at the airport.

The gate Guru App comes as a blessing to both first time travelers as well as frequent flyers. It is a cheat code on braving the airports across the country and the world.

Compatible with: iOS, Android and Windows7 or later

Cost: Free

#4 Waze

Image Source: Auto Guide

One of the main hurdles that stand in the way of any travel enthusiast, is the fact that it doesn’t take a particularly complicated maze of roads for us to get terribly lost. Thankfully the next app on our list comes to our rescue.

Waze is a fun, interactive navigation app, which can boast of containing the largest community of drivers on the planet. Once you sign into the app you officially become a "baby wazer".

In order to move up the ranks the app requires you to contribute to your driving community, which you can do in three simple ways. If you have the app open while driving, you are contributing information to fellow wazers. The app allows you to actively report events you see like accidents, police presence, traffic or hazards. It also allows you to edit and update the map according to change that you see while you drive. You can also find nearby gas stations, police stations, car wash or car repair facilities along with other services.

The main advantage of this app is the sharing of real time traffic information, which allows you to save gas money and time as it gets you to your destination in the shortest quickest way possible.

It’s a known fact that navigating foreign roads is one of the most tedious parts of travelling. The Waze app has been added to this list to make sure that the journey to your destination is reasonably entertaining and moves at an enjoyable pace.

Compatible with: iOS 5.0 or later, Android, Windows 8 and Blackberry 4.3 and later.

Cost: Free

#5 Sky scanner

Image Source: Travel Weekly

Whether you are travelling for pleasure or work, you will be involved in various stages of planning and decision making. Decision making sadly, is accompanied by the fear of missing out on something better. Our next app on the list makes sure its users are saved that regret while booking their flight.

Sky scanner compares millions of flights, for destinations all across the world to give you the best deal available. The filter options available on the app, leaves you with wide range options to choose from. Want to fly to Leh-Ladakh but not sure about the dates? Sky scanner allows you to leave it blank and view the various flight prices on different days. The app also offers up the option of viewing the cheapest day in the weeks, month or year for flying to your chosen destination. The watch list option on the app is a handy tool to check the fluctuation in the price before actually booking the ticket.

If you are in a quandary and don’t really know where you want to go, allow Sky scanner to inspire you. Enter anywhere and any day in the filters and find the cheapest flights from the nearest airports, after which you can choose the city or country from the options available.

The Sky Scanner app is a one stop dream shop for finding and finalizing all your air travel plans, an app that simply fails to disappoint.

Compatible with: iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows 8 or later

Cost: Free

#6 Triposo

Image Source: EyeforTravel

So you’ve decided you want to see Paris, the city of love, the home of the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. Or maybe you want to get lost in the splendor of one of the Palaces in Bhopal. A different country, different city with different people and a foreign language may sound exciting from the comfort of home. In reality however it can leave you a little lost.

Do not fear though for our next app Triposo comes to the rescue. It offers information on everything from hotels, sightseeing, shopping, nightlife and other activities. However Triposo doesn’t stop there, it gives you information on the history, culture, festivals and architecture of the place you are visiting.

The app allows you to download a city guide which you can then access even without the internet. It provides you with a currency converter and a phrase-book with common words to help you overcome the language barrier.

Perhaps the most unique feature of the app is the ‘Authority’ tab that offers a guide to get out of trouble phrases like ‘I haven’t done anything wrong’ or ‘Am I under arrest?’ in the local language.

The Triposo app leaves you completely prepared with the unique choice of drowning yourself in the universe of a new city without getting overwhelmed.

Compatible with: iOS, Android

Cost: Free

#7 Gogobot

Image Source: REI

Do you miss receiving postcards in the mail from friends or family away at holiday? Don’t worry the idea isn’t dying out, it’s just going digital.

Clicking pictures, converting them into postcards and sharing them on social media sites is only one of the many exciting features offered up by Gogobot.

The app offers users a chance to write reviews as well as browse ratings and pictures of places they wish to visit. The app has a more sophisticated and streamlined filtering process when choosing eateries hotels or other activities to do in the area. The results the users acquire can therefore be more niche than what they are used to from other apps.

Gogobot has managed to find a comfortable link between its travel app and social media. It has opened the doors for its users to a wider audience for reviews and connections leaving you with no shortage of an audience and a judge throughout your travels.

Compatible with: iOS, Android

Cost: Free

#8 Wikitude

Image Source: Android Guys

The term Augmented reality, sure sounds as if it belongs in the future, but the truth is it’s been around for some time now.

The app Wikitude was the first to launch the concept of Augmented Reality using it to be a step ahead of its contemporaries.

Wikitude asks you to look at your surroundings through your phone camera lens while providing you with information on landmarks, restaurants, hotels etc in your view. If one of the landmarks in your view seems of some interest to you, say, the, Golden temple in Amritsar, you have the option to click on it and receive more detailed information on the place.

The app is a compilation of worlds so to speak, one of which is YouTube.

If for example you choose YouTube you would be able to view any videos that are about the places you are looking at or videos that have been shot in the area.

The Wikitude app allows you to skip through a variety of worlds, offering varied information to help you discover your place of travel in a radically different way.

Compatible with: iOS, Android, Bada, Blackberry and Windows

Cost: Free

#9 Travel Safe

Image Source: Mobile Awards

When planning for a holiday you plan for fun, you plan for adventure; you expect picture-postcard landscapes and unforgettable memories. What few people plan for and fewer still expect is a crisis situation. However, we at Gypsy Shack believe safety comes first and there is no harm in being prepared.

Travel Safe is the only paid app on our list, however the cost of the app is miniscule compared services it provides.

Once you provide some basic information and have added personal contacts before setting off on your travels the app identifies your current location and provides you with contact details for emergency services in the area in a crisis. Travel safe can help you in varied emergencies ranging from motor, fire to natural disasters and everything in between. The app also allows you to notify friends and family of an incident if one is to occur by building and sending a smart and concise message to the preselected people. Therefore, if you are unable to inform rescue services of your crises someone else can.

An added benefit is that the app functions even without an internet connection, deleting the fear of being trapped without internet service.

To ensure a worry free and well prepared pleasant holiday, Travel Safe is highly recommended.

Compatible with: iOS, Android

Cost: iPhone - Rs. 60, Android - Rs. 65.35

#10 GotoAID Lite

Image Source: App Annie

Shock, followed almost immediately by panic is the most common reaction from people when faced with adversity. At times a compilation of uncontrollable circumstances can occur that delay professional help from reaching you. To remain in control of yourself and the situation I therefore suggest the last app on our list.

The GotoAID app provides extremely simple steps to step directions to deal with anything from burns, bites or stings, poisons or respiratory problems to emergencies like CPR, seizures or shocks. The app also has tips and warnings for every situation rubbishing self assumed remedies/ techniques for solving the condition.

The app additionally offers advice on how to prepare before, during and after disasters like tornadoes, earthquakes, snowstorms etc. The app offers emergency numbers of various countries and also a first aid checklist for you to carry on your travels.

The GotoAid Lite helps you avoid the pre-mentioned distress if you are ever faced with harsh conditions on your travels, leaving your mind at ease to enjoy the best of what your travels have to offer.

Compatible with: iOS, Android and Windows

Cost: Free

So If you are planning to take a vacation and escape the vastness of the virtual world and its addictive tentacles you need to realize that you just may need the double edged monster on your travels.


By Aikita Jarrah



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July 21, 2014

This is probably the first article I’ve come across where I Have to get All the apps on my phone ASAP! Extremely useful, especially the last one. First Aid is always underrated :(


July 19, 2014

Reading about these apps got me infected with the travell bug.
Going to download them right away.


July 19, 2014

Great write-up. I’m sure to use some of these apps the next time I travel.


July 18, 2014

Excellent writeup. Brief yet detailed description of each app. Really helpful and will definitely help on my next travel adventure.

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