Unbeatable Top 7 Songs for a Travel Playlist

Try dedicating a song to a specific travel. And you have a playlist. There’s a song in every travel. A bird composes and never needs to write it down. The train just runs its course and gets the beats. A traveller notes down in his mind, and a lyric is born.
That has happened to me numerous times while travelling. So I decided to create a playlist of my own. A playlist of songs that evoke, inspire and encourages me in so many ways. Some of them are on repeat for each of my travel journeys and others have just helped me relate to people and situations while I've been on my back-packing journeys. Some have even taught me the importance of being alone. Here’s my Unbeatable Top 7 Songs for a travel playlist. 

#1 Leaving On A Jet Plane

This makes packing for a trip look so exciting. Listen to it as you check each item off your list, it is sure to bring an amazing sense of sweet anticipation. I have also played it while waiting for my plane on an airport. As I have watched the sea of clouds from inside the plane, I have reveled in the beauty of a parallel world full of so many colors. Like an airplane, it has often given wings to my imagination and I have found myself floating in the blue skies. It is a bitter sweet concoction of two contrasting and passionate feelings – love for the beloved and love for travel. To me, it aptly captures the feelings of a solo female traveler like me. CNN has even included it in their list of ‘All-time-travel-songs’.

Written by: John Denver
Performed by: Mary, Paul, Peter

#2 Life is a Highway

This song has always made me appreciate the journey to one's destination.The lyrics say it all. This is the ultimate tribute to long drives. This is the song I listen to while amusing myself with the amazing messages written on the back of trucks on highways. The inscriptions on these highway trucks tell many stories and this song provides the perfect background score to it. It takes me to the world of riders and drivers whose lives are intertwined with the road. The song aptly compares life with a highway where there are bends. One day here and next day gone- as the high-octane lyrics burst from the tape, I get into the groove of the excitement that follows. 

Written by: Tom Cochrane

Performed by: Tom Cochrane/Rascal Flatts

#3 Ham Jo Chalne Lagey

From one of the rare travel-based Bollywood movies Jab We Met, this all-time favorite rejoices in the Desi elements of India. This song gears me up for bus rides specifically on the roads of Rajasthan. For that matter, travelling in India makes for sufficiently interesting and varied experiences. I have always loved the feel of the street-side Dhabas during night halts - the brewing of a midnight chai; the smell of pakoda wafting through the air; the myriad crowd of passengers. My numerous bus journeys have been made ecstatic with this song. It has been my best bus ride companion yet.

Written by: Irshad Kamil

Performed by: Ustad Sultan Khan and Shaan

#4 Runaway

When I think of this song, I think of a beach at dusk, the mesmerizing sound of waves and a romantic date. I imagine doing a cook-out barbeque with as it plays. It’s a slow paced inspiration that is deftly played on a great harmony of violins, synth and the drums. Andrea’s voice echoes mellifluously as I imagine myself on top of a mountain sipping coffee or while watching golden rays spread across the skies just before dawn. This song is magical and full of longing for a beloved companion during journeys.

Written and Performed by: The Corrs 

#5 Perfect Day to Travel

The writer of this song is an avid traveler himself. And he succeeds in penning down some of the most apt lyrics for the occasion. The song is laid-back and lazy yet the words just pierce through your thoughts, planting the very seed of wanderlust - enough to make you go on a long backpacking journey! 

Written and Performed by: Bryce Wastney 

#6 Same in Any Language

Same in Any Language reminds me of a train journey I had once taken to Mumbai. I remember how the rays of the setting sun broke inside the window. That day I made small talk with quite a few strangers and our conversations had lasted until dawn. It is also a song that a traveler would hear while reminiscing his travel experiences of the day while watching the horizon on the beach. It is almost ideal for someone who doesn’t keep a journal, doesn’t have a travel blog and almost never has good pictures. It is about noting down the little things while travelling in your mind's diary. It is like an elaborate album of travel memories. It is also a song that conveys a clear message: human beings have one language and one alone!

Written by: Cameron Bruce Crowe

Performed by: I Nine

#7 Freedom of the Road

It is a melodious glee of solitude while riding a bike. I have been moved by its recklessness and the philosophy of being alone. Rejoicing in the undertones of individualism, this song helps visualize the fickleness of my life. Yet, it refuses to weep. It sings of the freedom of the open skies and the destiny of a biker who rides ‘where the eagle flies’. Umpteen times I have looked back at the solitary riders and imagined them listening to this song. It is the ultimate number that revels in the charms of being one with roads, highways and streets. 

Written by: Sherri Hill 

Performed by: Sherri Hill


Before I made my own, I used to think it silly to have a playlist for every occasion. Yes there is always a room for in-the-moment songs but the playlist becomes attached to the places I have seen, the people I have met and the passion I have felt. The travel playlist is a gentle reminder – I must keep going. Make yourself a travel playlist today!

Article By: Mukti Masih


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akshay devikar
akshay devikar

December 14, 2014

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