11 Reasons Why Everyone Needs a Trekking Date!

Dating stories have often bored us at Gypsy Shack. Why? Because they are full of candle-light dinners, short black dresses, drinks, desserts, goodnight kisses (or their absence). What more can happen over a date? A great conversation? Lots of laughs? Fun? Or more?

In the world of hectic corporate jobs with insane working hours, a date should be real. It should definitely be fun. It should have lots of laughs and be full of joyous conversations. However bizarre it may sound to you right now, but we at Gypsy Shack are convinced that you need to go on a Trekking Date at least once. And here are 11 reasons to do so -

#1 It’s more Fun

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Trekking is fun. And no reason can be more important than this. As you physically stretch your limits while hiking and walking, you will discover each other’s fitness quotient – a necessary parameter to get attracted towards someone. Of course, it can be vice versa. So even if you may not be meant for each other, a trekking date would surely trigger a good friendship. You will laugh at the little mishaps on the way, cry on the pricks of thorns, smile at the music of the birds and basically have some fun time together.


#2 True Colors

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Trekking is often a test of your endurance. It involves some hard-core test of muscle strength. You cannot pretend. It is a great way to really discover each other’s strengths and weaknesses, not just physical but emotional too. The guy learns how delicate or strong she is. The girl learns how protective and caring he is. You don’t need to unnecessary fuss over what you are wearing or worry about first impressions. Trekking has plenty of opportunities for both to see and show their true colors.

#3 You Will Discover Each Other

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You may put out a front on a candle night dinner but not on a trek. While hiking up, you will endure changes in weather and temperature. He will see how her face looks like in the dusk. She will see how his unkempt hair looks like at dawn. Both of you will see each other without make-up and without a façade. A Trekking date will help you begin and take your relationship to the most realistic level.

#4 Real Test of Humour

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After a few dates, girls often complain things like – He was so funny, so romantic on the first changed, but he's changed now. Has he really changed though? Most likely he had crammed up a few jokes or pick-up lines for the first date or had used a few tips from his guy friends in many others that followed. He cannot do that on a trekking date. Go on a 24-hour trekking date and you will realize if he has the ability to keep up the humor or if she can laugh on good jokes.

#5 Sharing Silences, Not Just Chats

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Trekking is ideal for all personality types. While the introverts get plenty of time to make small talk and finally open up, the extroverts get to show their ‘listening’ side. Imagine this on a dinner date where both go through a tremendous pressure of keeping the conversation going. Not on a trekking date. While watching the sunset from a mountaintop or beholding the view of a shining lake in moonlight, you will learn to enjoy silences with each other.

#6 Sharing Space

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Trekking date involves signing up for a group trek that will have camping and a trek leader. While there’s a lot of fun being in a group with your date, it is also an experience of discipline. Trekking will help you see how much both of you are able to accommodate other as a couple. You realize while trekking how much you enjoy each other in the company of others.

#7 Little Things 


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Trekking date is about the little things. It is an adventure that is romantic and fun all at once. You may have a cup of tea outside your camping tent on a cold evening. You may get to have dinner together under a starry night. Or get to cuddle a little while waiting for the dawn. Trekking date takes the unnecessary pressure off of you and helps you enjoy the company.

#8 It’s more Romantic

Image Courtesy: klimbingkoreanmountains.files.wordpress.com

While a dinner date has a few hours of romanticism, trekking date has plenty. For the hapless romantic, a trekking date should look like a dream date. But even the not-so-romantic would find themselves helplessly attracted to their partners amid green meadows, wild flowers, clear blue sky and moon light. Dating should be about discovering if you are interesting enough for each other. While trekking, the two of you may find a lonely place to just sit and listen to your favourite music. Music is a great way of knowing each other’s interest. You will learn how much adventurous or fun-loving you are.

#9 Shows your Vulnerable Side


Image Courtesy: ReadingTeen.net

It is said that two people fall for each other for their vulnerability. However, it is often difficult to see this on a usual date. Trekking, on the other hand, allows so much time and survival that both the partners will end up exposing their vulnerable side, consciously or unconsciously. Is there a better way to fall in love?

#10 Boosts your Emotional Quotient

Image Courtesy: The Wrap

If you have ever heard of ‘emotional intelligence’, you will see what we mean. When the guy lends a hand to the girl as she tries to climb up a steep slope during trekking, she feels loved and protected. When she brews coffee for him on a make-shift kitchen during camping, he feels wanted and appreciated. These activities boost your emotional quotient. You realize each other’s sensitive areas more clearly and more closely.

#11 Crisis Management

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Yes it is not the most romantic reason, but hey, it exists. At least one out of ten things will inevitably go wrong or unscheduled during a trekking trip. It may be the timing of arrival, the weather gone bad, food ration calculation or absence of a medical aid. This is your golden chance to observe how your partner reacts to situations such as this. Is he/she the whining type or the Johnny-on-the-spot? Does he/she choose to help or be a spectator? It’s okay to be the Sherlock Holmes on a trekking date and exercise a few deduction skills. It’s all part of the fun. A trekking date would keep your mind as much in action as your heart.

Dates must not be a usual thing. They cannot be less than special. Going for a trekking date would show how serious you both are for a relationship. If a partner says yes to a trekking date, it already is a sign that he/she is not only interested but also willing to make time for an adventure such as this. The only caveat is to be convincing enough to ask your partner out for such a date.

So Don’t waste your dating time on lousy dinners... Sign up for a trek today...

Article by Mukti Masih


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