Debunking 7 Myths of Activity Travel

You've decided to plan your dream activity holiday. Yes, you know what exactly you want - trekking and camping in the breathtaking landscape, staying and connecting with the villagers, engaging with the place through birding and safaris and of course creating tons of unforgettable memories. You're that close to achieving your travel dream but one seed of doubt holds you back. For all you know, it was just a myth! 

There's so much hearsay and you don't know what to believe - you've heard all ghost stories around campsites, No? Or you assume that age/ fitness could be a deterrent for your dream trek! These myths can sometimes kill our travel dreams! We at Gypsy Shack believe your fears should never hold you back. So on special requests, through this article, we debunk 7 myths of activity travel. 

#1 "I'm too old for this shit!"

As children we were bombarded by stories of kids off on an adventure, camping in an unknown forest, hiking up a mysterious hill, getting lost in a kingdom on top of a beanstalk, or even better, finding a house made purely of sweets. 

It was infectious, that thrill of discovery, that eagerness for adventure.

It would be fruitless to refuse that it was a dream shared by all. Time passed however and that dream faded; now you’ve finally reached an age where you see it fit to declare. I’m too old for this shit.

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Let’s clear the air

Ever heard of the saying ‘You’re only as old as you feel'? Activity travel doesn’t restrict you to death defying, muscle cramping stunts, it offers so much more than that. You could drive through the heart of the jungle at Satpura, or choose to re discover yourself while camping out with your group in the Himalayas. Perhaps the entire family can zip off to Ladakh for a thrilling trek, the options are limitless.

There is absolutely no age limit on explorational activities and having fun. So don’t let a silly number tie you down!

#2 "I'll be exhausted and brain dead when I'm back..."

Holidays are mainly associated with lounging at the pool, gorging at the buffet and generally unwinding. They are taken by many, as a sort of detox. One of the top reasons people cite for disregarding activity travel, is the fear of returning home more worn-out than they were when they left.

Image Source: Trek Locations

Let’s clear the air

Travel revitalizes your mind and body. Activity travel offers you a chance to be closer to nature. Apart from the obvious benefits that your body receives through pure and fresh air, activity travel allows increase in your body’s blood flow, increases exposure to Vitamin D, which in turn helps protect your DNA. It refreshes you and helps your body release endorphins. End result - Happiness. Yes, Pure bliss.

#3 "There’s going to be dirt and bugs everywhere!"

Do you know of the word association game? It’s the one where we start by saying a word and you have to reply with the first word that comes to your mind without taking any time to think.

Well, we decided to try the game out on a few people, and were faced with results that were surprisingly consistent. Almost everyone’s response to the words camping and nature walks was bugs or dirt!

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Let’s clear the air

One of the main components of nature is dirt and there is little that you can do to avoid it. We are not going to deny the presence of a few interesting insects while you are out on a safari or nature trail trekking in Rukhad or Bandhavgarh. We can guarantee our best efforts to see to your every requirement but have to admit to falling short of pest controlling the wild. The weird truth of the matter is that it’s all part of the experience and it will bother you a great deal less than you expect.

#4 "I'm going to be up close and personal with tigers on my safari!"

When asked to describe what people expect on a safari we have often faced the strangest replies. From expecting to view every animal in a zoo, to spotting packs of animals prancing by, to hoping to spot an animal whose mere existence is in question.

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Let’s clear the air

Going on a safari is often one of the most exciting aspects of stepping into the wild. The prospect of viewing majestic animals in their natural habit instead of them jailed in a cage is extremely thrilling.

The fact is that animals in the wild are just that, wild and free, they don’t always stick to our schedule of a time and place where they have to be present.

While we can’t guarantee a sighting with absolute certainty, we can promise you that the experience remains equally compelling in either scenario. For a trip into their home, a walk in the untamed jungle is always an experience to remember - tigers or no tigers!

#5 "If I’ve seen one I’ve seen them all...."

We’ve often heard people complain that every waterfall looks the same. Every forest is basically green and brown...every mountain range is like every other mountain range... there is nothing new to see!

Image Source: Gypsy Shack

Let’s clear the air

Every journey you take is vastly different from the last. You see and learn new things, meet different people and absorb something new that helps you grow.

Every journey you take will open your eyes to new and diversified beauty around you. Every trip you take will open you up to new obstacles offering you opportunities to discover what you are made of.

#6 "A Bear or worse a Leopard is going to eat me alive!!!"

No camping trip is complete without a couple of wild stories around the campfire. Half of the stories are made up by playfully sadistic guides, while the other half are brought around by tourists themselves. Weeding out the truth from the lies can at times leave you with more questions unanswered than answers received. The myths sadly lead many travelers away from new experiences.

Image Source: Indian Public Media

Let’s clear the air

There are innumerable precautions taken to make sure your camping ground is not visited by wild beasts. The honest truth is the animals have no interest in paying you a visit while you are sleep so rest easy.

#7 I’m just not fit enough

There is a noted sense of panic for some; the moment activity travel is mentioned. This panic is followed almost immediately by a series of daunting thoughts. Is this holiday going to take up all my remaining energy? I am in absolutely no shape top to survive the trip; it's going to like a marathon in hell.

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Let’s clear the air

You don’t need to possess the stamina of Lance Armstrong or Michael Phelps to successfully navigate a nature hike.

The great thing about activity travel is the array of choices it offers. If you are feeling particularly adventurous you could try rafting through the Zanskar valley, or trekking in Manali. For a slightly less exerting activity you could easily hike amongst some our most exotic feathered friends in Binsar, or perhaps unwinding while kayaking in Kerwa is more to your liking. Remember, you are on holiday, you can pick and choose whatever suites you best. 

So here they are… those feared rumors deflated, leaving the road open for you to step right on to the bandwagon called activity travel.



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