Travelling: A Meditation in Disguise

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Travelling is where thoughts visit us. Journeys demand intense thinking, observing and exploring. While we're on the move constantly, our life pauses and we open our eyes to witness the beauty of life around. And that's where the meditation begins. Travelling is a meditation that transforms, inspires and frees.


#1 The Positive Energy

The anticipation of a new place fills us with a renewed energy. The whole idea of any meditation exercise is to reach a state of mind where we can channelize our thoughts towards positivity.

Travelling provides the most natural environment for positive energy.

As we embark on new trails, we get an intrinsic energy to make the journey last. We are more willing to try out new things. If we are an introvert, just attempting a small talk with a good-looking fellow passenger becomes an adventure. Or if we are outspoken, we try to dine alone on a rooftop restaurant just to take in the feeling of being.

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Positive energy naturally flows through new places, surroundings- a tiny home-stay, a new sizzler, a brand new bar or wet feet on the sand.

Even though these pleasures are not lasting, we leave with a renewed resolution of living our life on the edge, forgetting all worries.

#2 Being One with the Elements

Travelling is when our mind becomes one quite literally with the elements of nature. We breathe in the fresh aggressive air on a mountaintop while beholding the beauty of the hills. We meditate over the brevity of life while gazing at the clear blue sky on a hammock in a remote region far away from home. We play with water, walk on the wet sand, try to chase the waves near a beach. We experience the warmth of the fire while sharing a bunch of ghost stories with some friends while camping at night. We explore prolific tea gardens and marvel at the ever productive vegetation of the earth. While meditation evokes these elements in our minds, travelling becomes that meditation by allowing us to really touch these elements and experience them in the truest form.   

#3 Senses and Sensibility

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Reaching out to the trees while bungee-jumping; inhaling the fragrant breeze as we zip line; hearing the sounds of the crickets in the middle of the night; eyeing all the colors spread across a botanical garden; smelling flowers on the way to a forest - Isn’t meditation all about getting the senses work through our souls?

An adventure travel, on one hand, keeps our body and mind busy with fun activities. On the other, it allows us to face our fears, do the unthinkable, explore the unmarked areas of the world while bracing up the courage to take risks. The most honest soul-searching happens as we see, touch, smell, see, hear our soul that may be scattered across the nature. We need to collect it and make it one. We truly learn to surrender to the beauties of life by travelling.

#4 Letting Go

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Travel is where we unwind and leave our comfortable shores to find unknown seas. While para-gliding or sky-diving, we realize we are just a tiny particle in a vast universe. Our problems look smaller, and life becomes larger. Here’s when we actually allow some bad memories to pass away, we watch grudges melt away and completely surrender ourselves to the joys of travel. Sometimes a slogan written at the back of a truck leaves lasting insights and compel deep thinking. Other times, a beautiful fish deep inside the aqua blue waters tickles our heart while snorkeling. We learn to let go truly and completely. We run but not for chasing but for exploring. We walk but not for reaching anywhere but for finding ourselves. We swim not just for fun but also for rejuvenation of the soul. We learn to challenge our weaknesses and command our past to stop dictating us. We learn the art of accepting ourselves the way we are. What better meditation do we need if self-acceptance leads to self-love after a few days of travelling?  


Every journey adds to our maturity and widens our perspectives about life. Some people return with the answers that they sought to questions all their life. Others realize the answers weren’t as important as the process of solving the puzzle. Many others come back with positivity for facing life’s toughest challenges. Travelling is indeed, a meditation in disguise. 


Article By Mukti Masih

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