My Brother, My Fav Travel Companion!

It surprises me how many times recently I have heard travelers complain about their trips getting ruined because they were in the wrong company. Does company really matter when you head out for a journey?  You venture out on a trip with a bunch of office colleagues or old friends who you gel with otherwise, yet, surprisingly end up being your worst travel companions! Puzzling, ain't it? The answer lies in the fact that we all have a certain “travel temperament”.

Each one of us has a certain taste for travel. We may be daredevils or planners. There are those of us who relax on the beach, or others who wouldn’t want to leave a beach without swimming. Sometimes we are the bungee jumpers, and at other times we are just lazy hogs who prefer relaxing at a hotel spa.

Image Source: Mukti Masih

To cut a long story short, we all need a certain ‘travel chemistry’ while travelling with people. I share that chemistry with none other than my younger brother. We are only two years apart and are extremely different from each other - if I enjoy hiking, he loves listening to music beneath a tree. I love walking, he prefers biking. Yet, when we travel together, we are one in spirit and soul. We have one common agenda – we want to explore! Here's why I can strongly say that my brother is my favourite travel companion:  


#1 We do our own thing

Image Source: Mukti Masih

I really do my thing when I am with him and he does his. We don’t mind this space. In fact, we allow each other our own individual ways to really see and explore. I remember taking an impromptu walk in Binsar with him. There were times I didn’t want to talk and just soak in the beauty of the green cover of trees, the mountains and the valley. So he got lost in clicking pictures. Then we sat together at a small tea stall overlooking the valley and had an amazing conversation. A good travel companion knows when to talk and when to just let the silence speak.


#2 We challenge each other

Image Source: Mukti Masih

Despite the fact that we both always try a different adventure activity, we both are focused on the ‘thrill’ element of it. During river rafting at Bhuntar in Manali, I shrunk at the thought of taking a dive in the freezing cold water. My brother - Abhishek took up the challenge and before I knew it, he had jumped into the chilly water! I got so inspired that in our forthcoming travels, I was determined to beat him. A good travel companion challenges you to stretch your limits and get out of your comfort zone.


#3 We have some kickass fun

Image Source: Mukti Masih

This is one of my top reasons why I don’t blink an eye before saying “lets go” when my brother proposes a travel idea. There have been times when we have decided to do something at the last minute. During our trip to Barot in Himachal Pradesh we asked the taxi driver to leave us mid way so we could hike up the country-side on foot. Even in Manali, after falling several times during skiing, he was still up for the ‘tyre slide’. If there is fun in a certain adventure, Abhishek has to take it two notches up.  A good travel companion is one with who the fun just doubles.


#4 Getting the odds in our favour

Image Source: Mukti Masih

One of the several things that I have learnt from travelling with my sibling is this – losing temper does not help a situation. Many times our plans have gone haywire, our last-minute mistakes have cost us dearly and the most trusted information has failed us. Yet I have learnt to let go and live in the moment. To an unpleasant travel situation, his response is usually this – let's be happy we made it up to here. A good travel companion makes you count each moment of travelling.

For a great travel companion, you don’t necessarily need to have similar personalities. In fact, the best companions would be poles apart. Yet, what really matters is how comfortable you are with your silences, conversations, fun and adventure stamina with your fellow traveler.

My brother Abhishek is my travelling twin. Have you found yours? He may be your sibling or your boring colleague sitting next to you, you never know!


Article By Mukti Masih


Who knows what adventures lie ahead? Take the plunge. And decide on a holiday with your chosen companion. 



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