8 Signs You Are a Gypsy and Not a Tourist

Of course there’s no harm in visiting famous monuments, or following the travel trends in popular culture, taking those 150 likes guaranteed selfies or moving along with a group of like minded people from one stop to another. But if you’re not engrossed in something, you’d spend more time cribbing and turning the atmosphere into a energy of instant hate. And what would you rather be known as? A person who let the journey take the wheels and busied himself with the beauty in it OR a person who waited for interesting things to happen and in the process --- eh --- more on that later?

Here are 8 signs to know you’re the Gypsy kind and not just another tourist -  

#1 We scowl at the sight of lovers’ names on historical monuments

Photo Courtesy: climber-explorer.blogspot.in

Most historical, religious and even heritage-worthy monuments in India are polluted by this ‘name writing’.
To a Gypsy the whole world is a potential home. And if your home was a part of history (or even if not), would you have loved people drawing hearts as a misguided attempt to seal their love?

#2 Littering is Against Our Law

Photo Courtesy: GarageWire

Cities in South India such as Kochi have kept attractive animal-shaped trash cans just to inspire people to use the cans. Yet from Mumbai – one of the dirtiest cities in the country to Shimla – where littering can cost a fine of Rs 500, some tourists cannot be bothered with cleanliness. Worse, even high-altitude trekking places like Har Ki Dun or Hemis National Park get littered with plastic water bottles, chips/biscuit packets, banana peels, plastic bags, used condoms – you name it!
To Gypsies, the world is beautiful and if there’s any way to keep it clean and green – it will be done. We care much for our planet, so that our counterparts of the present, past and future witness the same lovable trail as we may have once.

#3 We are definitely not “Rowdy Rathore”


Photo Courtesy: Telegraph

Gypsies are more of a “Responsible Rathore”.
You will find a family of eight with a bunch of unruly kids or a group of half a dozen college-going lads making hell of a noise at peaceful or serene environs. We’re not them.
The idea of enjoying the tranquility of Leh or respecting the solemnity of a church in Daman just doesn’t for a minute cross their minds.
And of course howling like Tarzan or playing "Chinta ta ta chinta chita" in the jungles of Kathotiya does not increase their chances of seeing wildlife.
We’re averse to all this hullabaloo.


#4 Photographs are not at the cost of Privacy Invasion

Photo Courtesy: Telegraph India

Gypsies are the courteous kind. We’d prefer clicking candid pictures of a cute kid playing with water from afar or a couple watching the sunset hand in hand. But we’d never be all over their face, or stop someone in their tracks and shoot ‘em (if you know what we mean).

Go to places like Goa, Agra or Manali that attract a considerable crowd of foreign tourists and you would spot some of these victims. A loud joint family or a group of women would hand over their babies to unsuspecting foreign nationals so they could click from a mere 2-megapixel phone camera. Female backpackers or couples with cute white kids are particularly vulnerable to this kind of invasion.

#5 We are aware of the term “Safety Precautions”

Photo Courtesy: Phuket Gazette

Taking a vacation to people at times is synonymous to ‘not following rules, even when those rules are meant for their own safety.

Regardless of how crucial the safety precaution could be and the briefing by the concerned expert, warnings are constantly avoided by some.No wonder the number of tourist casualties and deaths keeps going high in India every year.

Gypsies with all their heart wish to continue their wandering to different worlds forever. So if it comes to jumping in a cable car thousands of feet above sea level and risking the lives of everyone in it – we’re well aware where that would take us. 

#6 We are not oblivious to kids and surroundings

Photo Courtesy: toomanyposts.wordpress.com

As the history zealots keep cribbing at the unruly children running around the museum shouting on top of their voices, few parents often are oblivious to the noise.

Gypsies try their best to pass down the knowledge of the road to their kids. There are certain things acceptable, there are certain things not. We try not to be a roaring pain in the arse, to be honest.

#7 We are all for team Harmony (that’s how everything is in sync, right?)

Photo Courtesy: Flickr

We’ve been in all kinds of situations to know better. And arguments for once – never solve anything. There’s always a better and smarter way to solve issues.

The national highways located at high altitudes are often prone to traffic jams due to narrow roads disrupted by landslides, rains or snow. On such occasions, an irate driver would be ready to get out off his seat and argue with the driver of another car. Soon the ruckus would turn into a full-blown fight that would only make the jam worse.

Gypsies are most likely the ones to volunteer and steer the traffic forward. The ones who do and not just stare… We’re really good, right?

#8 We’re Citizens of the World

Photo Courtesy: The Spectator

IIt is strange that despite living in one of the most diverse countries in the world, some of us never learn to accept others as what they are. North Indians will mock the slightly dark, lungi-clad country locals in Kerala or people from Western India would pass lewd remarks on the women of North-East India.

A place’s locals are our fellow citizens and deserve to be treated like living beings. It’s life-changing to meet new people, make new friends, learn a new dialect and be a part of new lifestyles. Don’t be a spoil sport and enjoy the journey.

Cheers to the Gypsy Soul in all travelers!

Article By: Mukti Masih


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