2015's Bucket List for Wanderlust Seekers

We Gypsies are homesick for the places and experiences we’ve never known. And addicted to the ones we have. Yes, we might be the impulsive traveler – but even we have lists to day dream about. The internet being afflicted with a bucket list twenty-fifteen syndrome, one pensive morning, we decided to share one such list from our early gypsy years. This goes to every traveler in 2015 who wants to live different worlds. Wanna have a sneak peek into it?
Here’s a look at the real deal – Gypsy Shack’s Bucket List for Wanderlust Seekers. Your search for the most fulfilling list ends here.

#1 Explore at least one off-the-beaten-track

Photo Courtesy: GypsyShack.com

Think sand-boarding, para-gliding, canoeing along secret waterways. Think living atop a mountain with only stars for company or getting lost in a lovely town whose name you can't even pronounce. We'd love to stray off the track this year, and explore. And explore a bit more. 

#2 Comb through the heart and the backyard, the secrets and the history of our own hometown


Photo Courtesy: Nikdaum

There is a proverb in Hindi that goes "घर की मुर्गी दाल बराबर" that means we always treat with indifference what is close to us. So this year, pledge to go exploring your hometowns. Colonial Kolkata, the galis of old Delhi, the bazaars of Bhopal, and the secret no-Bollywood Mumbai- here we come!

#3 Interact more with the locals on our journeys


Photo Credit: Arnab Das

It ain't fun donning on a sunhat and clicking manicured nails on a DSLR with lips tightly pursed. Lonely Planet and all of the internet combined may be the God of Guides but no prizes for guessing who know the story of the land better than the Gods. It's the locals- the people who define a place like it is.

#4 Take at least one solo trip

Photo Courtesy: GypsyShack.com 

Because the very word solo makes our heart go va-va-vroom!

#5 Indulge in the local cuisine/street food

Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia

Say bye to those food chains, and gorge into the sumptuous local food. The best way to explore a new place is through its gastronomic culture and the best way to do that is by digging in the street food. Ask around, observe where the locals eat, amble through bazaars redolent with the aroma of cooking, tasting a bit of all that goodness. Sit down at a cute cafe, an artisan brewery or order from a food truck and indulge your taste buds. Take out those knives, spoons, chopsticks- nah! just good ol' hands will do, and dig in into this food love story.

#6 Reduce our carbon foot-print & go green


Photo Courtesy: National Geographic

Need we explain more? Those you-make-me-crazier landscapes deserve a lot more love than just travelogues and art photographs and poetry. Wear a wreath of wildflowers and ferns, do the hippie dance and impress Mama Nature. Just kidding! Remembering the 3Rs, ditching plastic, and just going green will do. Show the environment some love.

#7 Pack light. Pack lighter. Repeat!


Photo Courtesy: A Happy Life

Think you've mastered that art? Nah! Start over again. Lay out your stuff. Throw up the ones that don't pass the infuriating yes/no test. Repeat. And repeat again.

#8 Go on short trips every few weekend

Photo Courtesy: GypsyShack.com

Extended vacations are cool. But the extended planning that goes into it makes us overlook the potential of areas nearby. This year, resolve to go on short trips every few weekends.

#9 When in Rome, do like the Romans. Be a traveler, not a tourist!


Photo Courtesy: Travel Blog

The best way to explore a city is to explore it like a local. Behave like a foreigner, and authenticity simply goes poof! Live the journey and that's the only way to travel! 

#10 Leave your maps and guide books at the hotel and experiment

Photo Credit: Arnab Das 

Just one word for this: adventure!

#11 Get off the grid

Photo Courtesy: GypsyShack.com

Because you can check off those emails and answer those phone calls and put blue ticks on WhatsApp and check in on FourSquare and show off on Facebook and bombard Instagram with selfies after you get home. Period.

#12 Skip the impulsive buys & create a travel fund


Photo Courtesy: Rappler.com

Voice record this and play it on loop the next time you go shopping! Trust us, those neon shirts will rot in your wardrobe along with the spectre of a fistful of bucks that could have gone into your Snow Leopard Trail fund!

#13 Pump up the adrenalin and go for an activity you're scared of


Photo Courtesy: Trek Locations

Inspired by the Mountain Dew ad and with fingers paler than the Grey Lady's, announce your resolve to umm conquer our fears. Yes to bungee jumping? Company, anyone?

#14 Learn a little more than just phrases of the local language of your destination


Photo Courtesy: IrishCentral

Just merci and se il vous plaît won't do. Learn good, usable phrases before you land in that faraway land. And maybe you can write an ode to a city in her own tongue. 

#15 Read more travel books!

Photo Courtesy: Rebecca Around The World

And more. And even more! To begin with, here is the list of our favorites.

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Manoj Malhotra
Manoj Malhotra

December 11, 2015

All the best for the venture.

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