The Hungry Trekker's Guide to Survival

There’s no better charm than munching something delicious while beholding the natural splendors spread before your eyes. Trekking gives you this bliss without any extra cost. At the same time, healthy snacking can also be a great source of energy as you toil your way up the tough terrains. During high altitude trekking, your body needs adjustment to the changing temperature. You also tend to lose electrolytes through sweat while trekking.

So really, what should you carry while trekking? Your snackbox can be the difference between an enjoyable trek or a disastrous trek. Gypsy Shack brings you a complete list of the healthiest foods that would keep you replenished and nourished.

  • Dried fruits: Remember that you would need plenty of nourishment and energy while trekking. And the most seasoned trekkers vouch for dry fruits. Dry fruits are a great source of fibre, calories and energy. Fresh fruits like bananas and pears can also be dried and they last longer than fresh fruits that get bruised, spoiled or spilled in your gear.

Dry Fruits

Dry fruits are a great source of calorie & energy (Photo credits-

  • Porridge/Dahlia: Dried broken wheat known as dahlia can be kept in your gear. It only needs boiled water and a bit of sugar to prepare. Dahlia gets released slowly in your system and thus helps you sustain for a longer time. It contains carbohydrates that you badly need as you sweat it out during hiking.
  • GORP: GORP meaning Good Ole Raisin and Peanuts is called trail mix for a reason. One cup of GORP (depending on ingredients) can provide as many as 700 calories. In your usual dried fruit tiffin, you can add peanuts, almonds, raisins, crackers and cereals. GORPs are golden when it comes to keeping your stomach full and your body nourished. You can keep munching them as you hike. They can set you up for the day and a great fix to keep your energy levels up.
  • Energy bars/Jaggery bars: They are obvious and easy to carry, hassle-free and full of energy. Even in India, there are plenty of energy bar options that you can devour from departmental stores. However, the desi versions of these would probably work better for you. In Northern India, people call it ‘gud ki patti’ or ‘chikki’ made of jaggery and peanuts. They are healthier and tastier and perfect for trekking.
  • The Indian Thaali: The usual dal-chawal-sabzi-roti diet is perfect during lunch breaks. It’s the lightest and healthiest meal you can eat during trekking that involves much physical testing. It is advisable to stop eating junk and get used to this diet five days before the trek so your body takes it well.
  • Brown bread sandwich: At least for the first 24 hours of the trek, it is possible to eat brown bread sandwich with cucumber and tomato filling. However, if the temperature is low right from the trailhead, the vegetables may remain fresh for a longer time and this vegetable sandwich is a very healthy and nourishing way to fill you up.

Brown bread sandwiches are healthy & nourishing (Photo credits:

  • Apples & Oranges: These can stay fresh for at least 4-5 days and are great energy boosters while trekking. Apple is a great source of fibre and energy while oranges will keep you hydrated. These fruits will also boost your immunity and protect you from mountain sickness.
  • Juices and Water: In order to avoid any kind of altitude sickness, it is important to keep yourself hydrated. Drink as much water as possible and keep juices handy.

Keep yourself hydrated on treks by drinking juices and water

Keep yourself hydrated on treks by drinking juices and water (Photo credits:

Enjoying a healthy meal during trekking is an integral part of the experience. Don’t spoil it with any caffeine or alcohol that can totally kill the fun by sapping you of the water from your body. Trekking is fun and it can be an extremely relieving experience. It’s a great way to spend time with a group of people out on some adventure. And nothing should deter this fun. Eating a healthy diet ensures that you be an active part of this fun. 

Things to the eat on a trek

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Article By: Mukti Masih

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