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Travel can be much more fun, and a great learning experience too, if the traveller is willing to engage their destination.

This is Gypsy Shack's guiding vision. You can engage a destination by walking its trails (or streets), by living with its people, by learning a local art or even by photographing its birds (riding an elephant counts too). And believe us, this experience will be much more rewarding than a stay at any luxurious resort and going sightseeing can ever be, we've tried it and know the difference.    

Group Tours Immersive Holidays

How Do We Do It?

We specialise in Group Tours because we believe there is nothing more enjoyable than experiencing a new place with like-minded travel buddies and like a lot of veteran travelers have said, friendships forged on a trip are unforgettable. If you are a solo traveller, group tours not only bring down the travel costs but also up the safety quotient. And if you have a large family in tow, block a date and have a family trip!

To bring you these great holiday we only partner with local operators who are passionate and experienced. We believe in giving back to the community and helping the locals earn their livelihood. They all, yes each and every one of them, are misfits who ditched a normal life to do something close to their hearts. Our partner operators come only through recommendations and we are happy to host 10 fewer journeys than have 1 journey that we are not 100% confident about.

Small Groups Immersive Experiences Unbeatable Value

What We Promise You

  • Small Groups: Our groups are small and this allows the guides to pay individual attention to every guest. So while you have the space to explore independently, you also get to socialise.
  • Immersive Experiences: Our trips lets you feel the destination. Get a taste of the local culture, local traditions and experience life to the roots.
  • Unbeatable Value: We offer the best values. We partner with local operators. Besides providing you a taste of the authentic experiences, we also help them earn their livelihood.

Activity Elephant Riding Travel India

Who we are:

We are Gypsies ourselves, and love to travel and talk about travel. We have our individual passions, ranging from birdwatching to dance, and love to meet  and work with other passionate people.


Chaitali studied Economics at SRCC, Delhi and went on to do consulting at KPMG for a few years. Fuelled by her strong creative streak and guided by her free spirit she quit in order to pursue her passion for marketing. Her affinity for people, strong belief in emotional connect with nature, and curiosity for newer travel destinations brought her to co-found Gypsy Shack. Apart from travel, she is a fashion and dance aficionado. Chaitali is the Chief Operating Officer ('COO') at Gypsy Shack.
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Jagpreet once jumped off a perfectly good boat into the middle of the South China Sea. Dangerous creatures like sharks, stingrays, jellyfish and poisonous sea snakes lurked underneath. As if that was not enough, he did it again and again until he realized the only thing he likes more than seeing tigers is seeing tiger sharks. So he quit his job with Amdocs, went off to France, got a business degree from INSEAD and founded Gypsy Shack. Takes all kinds to make a world! Jagpreet is the Chief Executive Officer ('CEO') at Gypsy Shack.
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Who/What is  a Gypsy?

The  word Gypsy of GypsyShack stands for a Seeker. A Seeker of knowledge, of experiences and of self-cognizance.  The Gypsy takes every opportunity to learn, experience and evolve. To him or her, life is a journey of discovery and realization. Roots, although sometimes necessary, are shackles. Knowledge and beauty lie out there to be found, only by those who venture out to seek it and have the eyes to see it.

"What does seeking have to do with holidays" you ask? We say "Everything. A holiday is the time to feed the inner person  with new thoughts, sights and experiences. It is the time to forget the mundane, the ordinary; and focus on what's extraordinary, invigorating and humbling."

What is our Travel Philosophy?

Sometimes wonderful things come in a package of threes and so do the salient points of our holidays. You will find these three elements in each one of our holidays, and we take great care to add only packages where these elements add up to an unforgettable experience.


1) A Holiday Through Nature

 Nature is the ultimate caregiver. It soothes your mind, gives you new eyes and awes you with its beauty. Studies show that people who spend time with nature are more creative, happier and have a greater sense of well-being. Gypsy Shack offers the best of many diverse natural environments  in India. Be it the tropical jungles of central India, the coastal regions of Kerala or the alpine meadows of the Himalayas, we search for the best locations to experience and become one with nature, its flora and fauna and its human inhabitants.



2) Engage through Activities

 Think of the most exquisite thing you have seen. Did you not want to touch it? To feel its texture to engage with it in some way other than simple sight? We know this need, and our holidays are also designed to engage you with the beautiful setting you travel to. Activities such as hiking, kayaking, birding or scuba diving are designed to engage you with your local environment, while respecting and preserving it for the generations to come.



3) Evolve through Experience

Every holiday out into the great wide world is a journey deep within oneself. Every new experience conceives new emotions and thoughts that can lead to greater understanding of the self; of the world and its people.We take great care to design our holidays to maximize the value you take away from it in terms of learning, discovery and experience.





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