Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

  • Who is a Gypsy?

Those times when your feet are on the move like a tarantula in its prime... when your mind wields a thousand different thoughts... and you are out on the road with nothing but an impulse to explore something you’ve never explored before... when gradually the true essence of joy for you isn’t in the outcome but the journey that you’ve had to go through – you are truly free-spirited. It is then that you’d be called a Gypsy.

  • Who are we?

We are Gypsy Shack - home for every Gypsy soul. We research, discover, curate and promote the best of group activity tours in India. These holidays are immersive in nature and appealing to the soul. Whatever we spoke above of being free-spirited and being a gypsy – well, we make things easier for you so that your eyes, mind and feet can wander without the need to be troubled by the headaches of planning (The How? When? and Where? parts as we call it). We do everything to ensure that you have a wonderful travel experience. Next time you wish to join a group, we'll make your travel planning effortless and help you get save money on every journey. Our activity tours will take you closer to nature, allow you to engage with the destination and even evolve as a person - just leave the brain-racking details up to us and we’ll give you the best travel experience!

  • What is the most important thing I should know about your privacy policy?

Gypsy Shack will never share or sell any personal information that can be directly connected to you with any individual or organization without your explicit permission. For further insights, refer to our privacy policy.

Booking a Trip

  • What are Activity Tours?

Our activity tours call out to all free-spirited, wanderlusting souls that yearn for refreshing holidays which more than just sight-seeing and not at all superficial. Be it wildlife safaris, hiking, birding, rafting or even a wellness retreat - we have tours to help you find the most suitable travel group. For additional details on the kind of packages we present, Click on Holidays on our Homepage and delve through our collections.

  • How do I search for a specific package?

Go to Holidays on the top bar of the page and you'll be able to select your type and kind of holiday among categories such as Jungle, Trekking, Rafting, Camping, Angling, Aquatic, Hills, Community Eco-tourism, Birding and more

  • How do I book my Activity Tour with Gypsy Shack?

Just check out your holiday of interest and click on Add to Cart. You’d be asked to provide your name, billing address and other details. Once that feat is accomplished, you’d be asked to provide your payment details. Provide your credit/debit card details and the booking will be done. It will take a few hours to confirm availability of the said package as some of our operators are in remote locations and not connected with real-time internet. Availability would be communicated within 24 hours of booking. If unavailable, payment made will be refunded within 7 working days.

  • What are the various types of Accommodation available?

The Accommodation varies from package to package. We have provided options that are available for each package. You can choose from the drop down list on the page for your package of interest. We have lodging options ranging from 5-Stars resorts to “pitch-yourself” tents. Your accommodation can be double occupancy or sometimes even more.

  • How far in advance should I make my reservation?

Reservations for any fixed departures should be made as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Some packages such as wildlife safaris in the more popular national parks need to be booked as much as 3 months in advance to ensure availability. Moreover by booking early you can often avail early bird discounts and avoid the hassle and tussle caused due to last minute arrangements. If you have chosen a journey from our listings, then waste no time!

  • What are the cancellations charges for holiday packages?

Gypsy Shack has no cancellation fees for itself. Only in cases where operators need to charge for preparations made will we deduct the actual amount from your booking payment. The cancellation policies for each holiday will be mentioned under the Cancellation tab on the specific holiday page

  • Do you provide international tours?

Yes, of course we do! Gypsy Shack has a widespread reach with operators that transcends national boundaries. We have partners in various countries and along with them we can make your much desired international holiday a possibility. For any specific queries you can email us at

  • Do you provide for transportation too?

Mostly we do not. You’ll be required to arrange for your flight or train tickets. However, if you wish otherwise, then to further reduce your hassles, for a nominal fee of Rs.500 we would do your online flight/train booking from popular transport portals.

  • How do I make payment for a holiday package that I liked on

The payment can be done through our secure payment gateway. All popular cards are accepted. Payment through Net Banking solutions is also possible. While international funds transfers are restricted, and Paypal does not accept payments in Rupees, International customers can contact us at +91-774803857 or mail us at and we’ll provide the required fund transfer details along with the converted amount.

  • What forms of payment does Gypsy Shack accept?

We accept Credit cards, Debit Cards and payments through Online Transfers.

  • What kind of information can I expect to receive when I purchase my journey?

Our co-ordinator will contact you and provide you with the necessary holiday details. Any queries or inhibitions you have in your mind, will be resolved by our co-ordinator. You will also be provided with the local destination expert’s contact number for further assistance. For any kind of questions or issues, our co-ordinators will be available on call, 7 days a week, to help you out.

  • Will I have to make payment at the time I make a reservation?

Yes, 100% payment at the time of reservation is a pre-requisite for reservation. You can often convert your holiday payment to EMIs using your credit card, for further details please contact your credit card provider.

  • What clothing and gear should I pack for your holidays?

The kind of clothing would depend on the kind of holiday you’ve chosen, the season, your level of acclimatization etc. If any special gear is required for any holiday package, it will be mentioned in the holiday description. Your co-ordinator will also contact you with a list of things to pack once you book your holiday.

  • Do you accommodate special dietary needs on a Gypsy Shack journey?

Affirmative! We strive to make your travel as delightful as possible. Have no worries! All you need to do is to inform us well in advance. So whatever be your special food needs (vegetarian, jain, kosher, halal, gluten free) – it can be arranged for you.

    Reviews and Customer Feedback

    • Where can I share my comments?

    At the bottom of every holiday package, we’ve displayed social icons. You can Tweet, Pin it, Plus 1 or Like to spread the word. You can even add your comments or reviews in the Reviews section below. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, FacebookPinterest, and Google Plus to stay updated with the best of immersive holiday in India.

    • Who can I talk to regarding my feedback?

    Feel free to mail us your feedback at with “Feedback” mentioned in the subject line. Trip reviews can be posted in the review section below every holiday package. We promise to not alter or delete your reviews as long as you follow our decency & privacy policy.

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