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Patrika Bhopal, Feb 10, 2016


  • YourStory: Gypsy Shack connects local outfits and travelers in a unique travel model 

  • Did you know that about 45 percent people worldwide travel for an activity, while in India, this proportion is less than one percent?

    But a Bhopal-based wildlife enthusiast is on a mission to change this number. Before this, in a life-transforming deep-sea diving experience in the Pacific Ocean, this adventurer had jumped off a boat and spotted sea-snakes and jellyfish among many other sea creatures for the first time.  That was the moment when Jagpreet Pabla realized that he had been travelling wrong all his life. And he intends to stop the rest of India making the same mistakes. He has founded – a travel startup which is steadily changing the way Indians travel.


    Founders Jagpreet Pabla and Chaitali Bhatia


  • Travel Start Up Watch 

  • Every day we alert our readers of new startups in the travel industry being listed on AngelList, as an early information service for those who keep track of such things. Every weekday, there will be a list of these newbies, along with each of their mini-profiles.

    Gypsy Shack partners with tour operators to sell activity and holiday packages. 

  • Timeout, Pune: GypsyShack feature

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