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  • Barsey Rhododendron Trek, Sikkim

    Package Highlights

    • Explore
      • The magical Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary in West Sikkim
    • Engage
      • Trekking through forests of rhododendrons, oaks, silver firs and hemlock
      • Enjoy panoramic views of the Khangchengdzonga Range
      • Observe a plethora of birds
    • Evolve
      • Learn about the 13 different rhododendron species in the sanctuary
      • Partake of wonderful Sikkimese hospitality and traditional meals at Darap

    Gypsy Byte

        In a tiny clearing in the middle of a magical forest, I lie on my back and let the rosé glow of a late morning sun flood me. Dollops of rhododendrons in varying shades of scarlet adorn the branches; shiny foliage of ancient oaks peep amidst the overwhelming red palette. Patches of a piercing blue sky glimmer far above the patterns created by branches and boughs and leaves and flowers. Bird songs echo in sharp trebles. The air wears the sweetness of nectar on her skin.

        About Barsey Rhododendron Trek

        The Barsey Rhododendron Trek takes you to the higher reaches of the Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary that houses 13 different species of rhododendron. In spring, entire slopes are covered with flowering Arboreum, Falconeri, Barbatum, Hodgsoni and Campanulatum, the most commonly found rhododendron species in this sanctuary. The greenery of oaks and silver firs is interspersed with a spectacular palette of reds, yellows and whites that lend a sweet fragrance to the cool, mountain air. The 8 day trek is recommended for beginners and is indeed, a magical experience.


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