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  • Meghalaya: An Adventure Getaway


    Package Highlights

    • Explore
      • The "Scotland of the East," Shillong
      • Asia's cleanest village, Mawlynnong
      • The rainy town of Cherrapunji
    • Engage
      • Camping and Kayaking at Dawki
      • Caving at Krem Mawmluh
      • Trekking to the living root bridges at Cherrapunji 
      • Walk through a 200 year old sacred forest
    • Evolve
      • Understand the motivation that drives the villagers at Mawlynnong to keep their village clean
      • Gain deeper insight into the lives of the Khasi tribes

    Gypsy Byte

    We absolutely loved Meghalaya! The abundant greenery was soothing - we drove across hills draped in whimsical clouds and trekked through rainforests peppered with pools of emerald blue water. Kayaking in the Dawki River was relaxing. The most thrilling part of the trip was caving at Krem Mawmluh. The squeezing, belly-crawling and climbing through the narrow passages was both scary and exhilarating.

    About Meghalaya

    Literally translating to "abode of clouds," Meghalaya is one of the most stunning of the seven sisters! Vast swathes of the mist-draped verdant Khasi hills dominate the landscape, which stretches into valleys and highland plateaus. Driving around the state is like navigating through clouds - when the skies clear, a velvety green scenery opens up. Meghalaya has many rivers fed by the abundant rainfall. The capital, Shillong, is known as the "Scotland of the East." The vibrant town is known for its trendy style and music scene. The hills make for excellent trekking. Spelunking or caving is popular in Meghalaya. At Mawmluh, a 7 km cave system contains fantastic formations like stalactites, stalagmites, cave curtains and candles. Meghalaya is also home to the famed root bridges of the Khasi tribes. 


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