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  • Pindari & Kafni Glacier Trek

    Fixed Departure Trek

    Grade: Moderate
    Preferred Season: April-November (except Monsoons)


    Package Highlights

    • Explore
      • The "soul" of Kumaon- the Pindar and the Kafni Valleys
      • Phukria and the Pindari Glacier zero point
      • The massive Kafni Glacier
    • Engage
      • Trekking to some of the largest glaciers in the country
      • Hiking through dense sub-alpine forests
      • Camping close to a glacier
    • Evolve
      • Appreciate being disconnected from the rest of the world
      • Understand the slow life in these remote valleys

    Gypsy Byte

    Two massive glaciers at once! This trek was spellbinding! It was intimidating to see such a huge mass of dark ice so close. The trek was picturesque- lovely forests, wind-swept grasslands, snow peaks and sparkling streams all together created magical vistas.

    About Pindari & Kafni Glacier Trek

    There are two parts to this trek- the Pindari Glacier Trek and the Kafni Glacier Trek. The trekking trail begins at Loharkhet and bifurcates 30 km north at Dwali. To the west is the Pindari Glacier (0.5 km wide and 4 km long) and to the east is the Kafni Glacier. The Pindari Glacier lies to the south-east of the Nanda-Devi and is the origin of the Pindari River which joins the Alakananda at Karnaprayag. The Kafni Glacier is the smaller of the two, and births the Kafni River, which is a tributary of the Pindar River. Unlike the Pindari Glacier which can be viewed only from the zero point, one can trek right up to the Kafni Glacier. Though the Pindari Glacier Trek is more popular, many consider the trek to Kafni Glacier as more beautiful. Earlier, many traders took the route. One might still spot a few packmen with huge herds of goats and sheep. Most of the trail is densely forested with oak and rhododendrons. Leopard, Goral, Mountain Goat, Musk Deer, Himalayan Black Bear, Hill Fox, Sambar, Musk Deer and Blue Sheep are often spotted. Occasionally, a snow leopard makes an appearance.


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